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Gervasi Wedding | Danielle+Derek


Danielle & Derek Gervasi Wedding

Gervasi Wedding

What a year this has been, especially for Danielle and Derek. But they are now married and all is right in the world! Where to begin! The bride was radiant from the moment she arrived for her Gervasi wedding, but the way her bridesmaid worked her magic and made her downright gorgeous! I especially loved the red lipstick. And when she slipped into her beautiful gown and put her fur shaw on to complete the look, it was perfect!

From when they had their first look to the end of the day, Derek couldn’t keep his eyes off her. I loved the simplicity of their ceremony! But the look on their faces when they said their vows and had their first kiss was something to celebrate. Once the formal portraits were done, we made our way to the Bistro for lunch. They spent time with family and friends and cut their cake. Everyone even did a little dance at their tables to celebrate these two on their marriage. I loved every minute of their day and I’m so glad I got to be their photographer to capture their special day.

Congratulations, Danielle and Derek, on the first day of your new life together! I can’t wait to see you again soon!

Gervasi Wedding-1.jpg
Gervasi Wedding-4.jpg
Gervasi Wedding-9.jpg
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Gervasi Wedding-50.jpg
Gervasi Wedding-49.jpg

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