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Historic Downtown Wooster | Maddie+Jacob


Historic Downtown Wooster Engagement

Historic Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement

Such a wonderful couple Maddie and Jacob are! As a Northeast Ohio wedding photographer, I’ve been to so many amazing locations. And I’m gonna be honest, I was a little worried there was something happening downtown Wooster Ohio. And there was, just a little bit of peaceful protesting going on. But that wasn’t going to stop these two on getting cozy and creating magic.

Back in August I had announced sunflower mini’s and this couple took up one of those slots to create some magic them too! It was like a pre-engagement session! I was so super stoked to see them again! As we made our way around downtown we chatted all things wedding and life. And I get to see them again for my Christmas mini’s in my studio! I am doing a little happy dance over here!

Congratulations, Maddie and Jacob on your engagement, and I can’t wait for to see you guys soon and on your wedding day! It’s gonna be a great celebration!

Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-1.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-2.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-3.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-6.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-10.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-11.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-14.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-16.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-21.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-22.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-23.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-27.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-28.jpg
Downtown Wooster Ohio Engagement-29.jpg

Are you planning a Historic Downtown Wooster Ohio engagement photo session of your own? Say hello ASAP so I can save your date and transform your love story into art!

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