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I love all love stories! They're unique and a story that should be told. 

Tyler and I's story started in a local country bar in the summer of 2011. I can't believe it has been over 10 years!! He approached me and asked if I was related to a cousin that he went to school with. (little backstory: We went to the same high school-a year apart) We knew of each other, but never talked. I told him yea I was related! After that night I added him on Facebook and chatted on messenger. Finally exchanged those numbers and after some dating we were exclusive. 

I was coming home from meeting with a wedding couple and I was about to come into the house and Tyler brought me into the garage. He wanted to show me the grill he put together that I got him for his 30th birthday. As he was showing me the grill he lifted the top of the grill and there it was! He then asked me to marry him. It was the best moment ever! Tears were had and I of course said YES!!

i'm Heather.

Hey friend!



Whether it's just jumping in the car and driving the country backroads with no GPS or heading to the beach in Florida. We love to travel and I'm so glad I get to do it with my best friend. 
Some of our favorite places: 
Anywhere we are together

Travel with my hubby


Case and Colt are our world! 

Case is a Lab/Beagle mix of cuteness. He has his puppy moments, but he's mostly sleeping the day away. But boy when he goes outside there goes the nose down to the ground. 

Colt is a 10 year old pure-breed blue heeler of energy. I feel like he never rests. But when he does he loves to cuddle and always needs a human touch. 

Our Fur Babies


I love caramel macchiatos! That is my weakness. I will take it cold or hot! If I knew how to make them I would make it everyday at home. Coffee starts my day! I do try not to drink it everyday, but it really has my heart and it's yummy. 

You will always catch me in the morning hours of the day with a cup of coffee by my computer.

coffee - caramel macchiatos


Young living essential oils are in my day to day life. Some of my favs are: 


Especially Ningxia! It's an antioxidant red drink that I mix with some Lime LaCroix that I drink every day. It is a whole body wellness drink and it tastes amazing.

Young Living Oils


My family means everything to me. I love making memories with them! And one of those ways is by going on family trips! We try to go every year to either Canada or a location close by. But, I also love our family reunions and small family get togethers.

Family + Trips


I have watched that show and the 15 seasons about 8 times now. Pretty obsessed! I pay a subscription to UP! Faith & Family JUST for watching this show! Love the light drama and love for family...and of course the horses!  

Canadian TV show


Whether it be Pina Colada or Rosé All Day gummy bears I'll take it! They are my weakness! And Sugarfina has by far been my favorite place online to get them! 

Gummy Bears


My website and wardrobe are all FILLED with blue!

shades of blue


This might be weird, but I have a habit of touching every soft thing (mostly blankets) at the store. You can always find me wrapped up in a blanket on the couch cuddling with my pups.

soft blankets


I go to the beach every chance I can get!

the Beach



things I'm crazy about

My Top Ten

I did my first wedding and fell in love with the whole day. From details to the last dance. That was in 2016! I then decided to make this hobby into a business in Feb 2017 and I never looked back. More so, I made this business as my full time gig in August 2020. That's how much I LOVE what I do!

So, I bought a camera, and the rest was history. (j.k. there's more...)

It all began with 4H.

The first time I picked up a camera was when I was a teen in 4H at my local fair. I was showing rabbits and did a film photography project. But the true start of my business started when I asked my boyfriend (husband now) that I wanted to start a photography hobby capturing memories. He said go for it! I love how supportive he is!

My Story

Do a photoshoot at Rainbow Row in Charleston, SC

Tour a country

Go Full Time 
with my business

Build our dream home in the country

Photograph a wedding in North Carolina (one of my favorite places to be)

On My Bucket List...

My Timeline

where I've been


I left my job at Wooster Orthopaedics to pursue my photography business - FULL TIME. I am blessed beyond blessed to get to work everyday with amazing clients like you! 


Tyler and I got married in Kidron, OH and honeymooned in southern Ohio!


Got engaged to the love of my life!


Photography started as a hobby then I turned it into a business


Started my job at Wooster Orthopaedics as a Medical Biller/Coder AND photographed my first wedding


Graduated from University of Akron with an Associates in Health Care Office Management


Met Tyler at a country bar in Ashland, OH! We knew each other in high school, but never talked til that day 


Picked up my first camera and showed rabbits at the local fair








Heather went


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