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Four Things To Prepare For Your Destination Wedding

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I’m so overjoyed you are here and needing help preparing for your destination wedding. Making sure you are thinking of everything possible when preparing for your destination wedding can be a chore. But it doesn't have to be stressful. Cause if you leave something at home more likely you aren’t able to get that item in time for your wedding. After capturing over 5 plus years of wonderful couples wedding days, I’ve seen it all.


When preparing for a destination you have already thought about not wanting to bring your decor along for the ride. Especially if flying to your destination. Driving is another story, cause then there is the ability to pack the decor in the car. Like centerpieces, detail cards, and so much more. If flying over seas or just flying in general when it's next to impossible to take more than clothes. Either send your decor in the mail to a destination where your wedding will be held. Like a home of a friend or family. And if that's not an option, then hiring a destination wedding planner might be something to look into. They know the ins and outs.

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Get yourself an amazing planner that you can trust. A planner is specialized in weddings and even better finding a planner that is a destination wedding planner expert. They will be your saving grace. They are experienced in this and can keep the day in order. While you enjoy the scenery and your friends and family that day or even multi-day events. The planner will also be able to keep in touch with vendors to make sure arrivals are in order. You won't regret hiring a destination wedding planner. They do more than organizing all the details. If hiring a full service planner they will even do the decorating and cleaning up at the end of the events as well.

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Wedding Dress and Veil

Whether you are driving to your destination or flying trying to get your wedding dress and veil to your destination without to many wrinkles. That’s a hard one to do, but it is doable. It is a must have to pack a steamer with you. That is gonna be your best friend. And packing the dress and veil last and unpacking the dress and veil first will help that dramatically reduce the amount of time it is packed. And give it time to breathe. I would 100% make sure that your wedding dress and veil gets packed into your carryon. Taking it with you ON the plane that way it has less risk of possibly getting lost in the luggage under the plane when traveling.

Don't forget your AirTags - putting one in every bag that goes onto the plane you will be able to track their location in case of loss. And you will be able to see if those bags made it on your plane safely. When you arrive to your room hanging your dress and veil some where it is free from dirt and getting moved around too much is a must. Then, you are able to steam your dress and veil and they won't get rewrinkled.

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Before traveling for your destination wedding you can create a list of must haves and will haves. Your must haves are things you need to have that no one will have when you get there - those will be packed for sure. Your will haves are things that are already provided when you arrive to your destination. The will haves are things that you can bring IF there is room. You know like you have a favorite hair dryer, but the hotel or resort will have one in the room already. Those kind of will haves.

Also, travel can be a hassle. You never know when flights get delayed or canceled. So having an open mind about those schedules will be better on your stress levels. Don't you worry - you will get there - you might have to make some adjustments - but you will get there and get married and it will be worth it.

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I hope this really helps prepare for your destination wedding! If you have felt this was super helpful check out more wedding tips. Let me know if you have found this helpful or have any tips that you found that made your planning the bomb dot com.

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