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Top 5 Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Ohio

Top 5 Favorite Engagement Session Locations in Ohio

As an Ohio engagement and wedding photographer, I’ve explored endless locations for photo sessions. And let’s be honest, all of Ohio is beautiful! There’s so many places that I know I haven’t seen yet, but the ones I have been too are amazing. It’s so hard to choose, but I did get it narrowed down to these top 5 favorite engagement session locations in Ohio.

1. Secrest Arboretum in Wooster, Ohio

Cobble stone walkways, gorgeous foliage, pristine florals, stone house giving all the feels of English countryside in Wooster, Ohio. Secrest Arboretum definitely makes my list of one of my favorite places to take engagement session. You can even have your wedding at this location too. There is an amphitheater where ceremonies are held. There are speakers around that you can have your DJ plug into. My favorite time of day to come to Secrest Arboretum is golden hour/sunset! Especially around the stone building called the Rice House. It truly is a gorgeous gem even to just walk around for viewing pleasure is enjoyable.

Fall Engagement at Secrest Arboretum in Wooster Ohio
October Engagement Session at Secrest Arboretum in Wooster Ohio

2. Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio

Beautiful English inspired buildings, ivy creeping up arches, fountains, duck pond, and so much more at the gorgeous Kingwood Center Gardens in Mansfield, Ohio. This is one location I literally can spend all day photographing at. Cause there is so much! Even has a gorgeous mansion (Kingwood Mansion) on the property along with so many more beautiful brick buildings. Some things to think about, there is a small fee per person to enter the gardens, and as of January 2022 you are not to bring additional clothes to change, but you can exit the property to your car and change out there and come back in. Which can be a hassle, but that just means we will need to insert some additional time to our session to have you change at the car. Trust me this location is worth that additional time, cause it is a breath taking venue.

Kingwood Center Gardens Engagement Session
Kingwood Center Gardens Engagement Session

3. McKinley Monument in Canton, Ohio

McKinley Munument gives me classy vibes. With the gorgeous steps and it really just is able to bring the classy vibes to the table. There’s also a lot of greenery and white gravel paths round too. There’s a cute little creek that runs next to the path close by. Oh and it has some willow trees next to the creek. It’s truly a beautiful location for classy, elegant, and joyful photos.

Classy Black and White Engagement Session at McKinley Monument in Canton Ohio
Classy Black and White Engagement Session at McKinley Monument in Canton Ohio

4. Mill Hollow in Vermillion, Ohio

Mill Hollow has made one of my favorite engagement session locations in Ohio. It’s truly a hidden gem. With a field, wooden bridge, and creek bed canyon vibes. This location is stunning, especially at sunset! Mill Hollow is located in northern Ohio by Lake Erie area in Vermillion Ohio. You wanna a stunning adventurous location, without the walking this is definitely a great spot. 

Canyon in Ohio Inspired Engagement Session
Canyon in Ohio Inspired Engagement Session

5. Hocking Hills in Logan, Ohio

If you are adventurous and love to hike Hocking Hills is an amazing location for the nature lovers. There’s sooo much, paths, unique stone bridges, a suspended bridge, waterfalls, clear water creeks, and huge boulders/rocks. Some tips about preparing for a hocking hills engagement session. There’s no sunset vibes here. This is a session to expect to be there for a good 2 hours, but to have the session a few hours before sunset. Cause with how many trees there are and how you are deep down in the rock area it can get dark and the closer you are to sunset the darker it gets. Also bring a bag with your extra set of clothes and shoes. Def bring some walking/hiking tennis shoes. “But Heather where do I change into my other clothes?” I got you! I actually bring a lightweight travel changing tent. To be honest, I bring it to every session - never know when you will need it.

Fall Engagement at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan Ohio
Fall Engagement at Hocking Hills State Park in Logan Ohio

These five locations in Ohio are gorgeous in every season! I'm so excited to keep coming back to these beautiful locations and capture amazing love stories at. I hope you find these 5 locations helpful to give you inspiration for your engagement session.

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“Heather knew getting photos with my grandparents
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