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Heather Went Full Time


August 10, 2020

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do what you love and never work a day in your life

You heard right, Heather has went full time ya’ll! Everyone says “Do what you love and never work a day in your life”. There is absolute truth to that. I always heard that saying and I never really truly believed it, until now. Going through quarantine during this COVID pandemic it really showed me that being home and working on my business is what I truly love and really pushed me to the next level. I wasn’t sure I would have it in me to work from home. Even though I wasn’t able to photograph anyone in the quarantine state shutdown I was still loving my job, cause I knew once things let up we would be back to doing what we love. Of course, with social distancing and following the mask rule. Can’t leave that out. I will tell you this, wearing masks isn’t a joy but sometimes I don’t even know I’m wearing it while I’m behind my camera capturing such sweet memories for my lovelies.

my journey

It all started when I was at a wedding and feeling all of the good stuff during a wedding. I paid attention to everything! Whether it was the ceremony, the speeches, the dances, and seeing two people very much in love just celebrating on the dance floor with their family and friends. I was one of those people that just took it all in. It wasn’t until one wedding I thought to myself that photographer has an awesome job! They get to be a part of it and cater to the bride and groom like they are like royalty and capture all the goodies during a day. They get to be proud of the images they get to capture and deliver to those sweet clients.

Then it got me to thinking, why do I feel so passionate about this? Like, I know I love customer service and just helping people. But I was always the type of person that wanted to do something in the business world and would LOVE to own my own business and be my own boss. It wasn’t until I sat down with Tyler, which at that moment in time was my boyfriend after going to ALL those weddings, and said I think I want to buy a camera. Like a REAL camera. Not one of those ones that I could fit in my purse. Like a big fancy camera. He was like “Aren’t those expensive? And what would you do with it?” I was like take photos of things, like anything. We had a chuckle. But ya’ll, we are here today and this girl is now a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER!

the here and now

This is just so crazy and I’m feeling all the feels of taking this to the next level. Of course, there is worry like will I make it? And all the what if’s. But I just love documenting memories. Whether it be a sweet babe in the first weeks of their life to that sweet babe marrying his/her true love and starting their own family. I’m so ready to take this journey of being a full time photographer. If anyone that knows me this has been such a huge goal of mine and I’m so glad I get to fulfill it! Two weeks ago I thought to myself “Oh my goodness, this is happening! I’m putting my two weeks in at a job I’ve been with about the same time I started my photography business!”

It felt so bittersweet! But y’all since I’ve put my two weeks in I just felt weight being lifted and photographers getting in contact with me to help with second shooting, even more than before! I’m so excited to help my couples even more and help other photographers and something new I’ve been venturing in and that’s helping creatives! I’ve been mentoring a few amazing creatives in their journey into the business world. One of them is Tyler Ullman of Ty Creative Films, which I have now joined with to make the ultimate collection of having Photo and Video in one. I can’t wait to help mentor more even more!

There are so many goals that I can’t wait to dive into! Going full time is such a huge step and feels a little daunting cause it feels like I’m giving away that steady paycheck. The security of knowing cash flow was always there is going out the window. But you guys, yes money is something we need, but I feel like what I do is much more than that! I’m helping, I’m curating, I’m capturing moments for clients that they will be able to cherish, see, and remember people in their lives. Also 100 years from now people will be able to see the laughter and love and think he/she looks like they lived a wonderful life and enjoyed every minute of it! That’s how life should be remembered.

thankful and loving

I just want to say thank you ever so much to everyone that have been so supportive and helpful through the years! I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Can’t wait to continue to document more love stories and sweet laughter through every single one of you! You are getting so much more than photos with me! You get a true hug, a true friend, and have an amazing time while being yourself! That’s what I love! So everyone I want to leave you with this…even though we are living in a time of unknown let’s still keep that smile on your face! Cause I have seen first hand when smiling at a stranger under a mask and saying a friendly hello does a world of difference! It can turn someone’s day from bad to just a bit better! Can’t wait to see all of you again! Until next time!!

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