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Why the Engagement Session WITH your Wedding Photographer is Important



If there is one thing that I have learned as a wedding photographer is that having an engagement session makes all the better on the wedding day. Being able to spend just one hour with a couple lets us hang out and enjoy the time together without the hustle of a wedding timeline is just the bomb dot com. You are probably wondering why do the engagement session WITH your wedding photographer? Here’s what I’ve experienced as a photographer and bride.


Getting to know your photographer is important. You don’t want to be in front of a camera with someone that has a personality that doesn’t match yours for one it will show in your images that you aren’t having a great time. This is supposed to be a fun experience! Heck the whole Engagement and Wedding Day should be fun! It’s like a test run for the wedding day and you get amazing images out of it to use for your save the dates and/or invitations.


You will get to know how your photographer poses and knows just how to capture you both naturally. My style is based on how you two relate as a couple. I give a little bit of instruction, but to be honest you guys know posing more than you think. I always have couples say ‘We need a lot of help during portraits, because we are awkward in front of the camera.’ Ya’ll you know more than you think. We will walk around and stop at amazing spots and then the fun begins full of laughter and candids. I encourage you to move around when you feel like it. So shout out to the guys that decide they want to kiss their bride to be on the cheek or forehead at random!


The photographer will know what poses you guys like and what you don’t like. That way no surprises happen on the wedding day. The wedding day is an exciting go fast type of day, so with having an engagement session with your wedding photographer you can expect to have the same experience, quicker, from the engagement session. Things will flow seamlessly and know that your photographer will get things done on the wedding day.


You will get to know each other better that way you can trust that photographer with future sessions like maternity or even newborn (if your photographer captures this too). It can be hard to find a photographer that you can trust when it comes to your new bundles of joy that come into this world. If your photographer captures these moments too, like me ;), then you know you can trust him or her with this new joy. You know them as a person and know what to expect!


I hope you find this super helpful when you are in the search for a photographer. When Tyler and I had our engagement session with our wedding photographer it made all the difference. The only time I have ever been in front of a camera was my senior photos. Same with my husband. But I will tell you this the engagement session was definitely needed because our photographer got to know what us as a couple which made the wedding day super easy. So I whole heartedly feel that it’s important to have this session.



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