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March 27, 2019

Addie+Keaton Engagement | Future Home | Ashland, OH

First Engagement session of the year!! Starting it off right with Addie & Keaton!! I know for sure Addie was so glad she got hired in at her work so she could meet her person!! It was through her boss that she found him! Keaton’s mom has been best friend’s with Addie’s boss for so long that it was just perfect she knew everything about Keaton so she could tell these two would hit it off! And they did!! As they got to know each other Keaton just knew after a couple weeks that Addie was the one he was looking for! I can just tell by these two at our consultation and engagement session that this love is going to last!! And guys, when Keaton proposed it was just to cute! He recently bought a house that will be their forever home and proposed after showing her a wonderful gift he made, originally for his grandpa, which is a red barn mailbox and on the front was the initials K&A and he expressed everything about how they met and how he knew after 2 weeks she was the one. And then proposed…ON ONE KNEE!!!

Our time at their future home was full of great laughs!! I pulled into the driveway and my first thoughts were “My goodness I love this!!” Beautiful big fishing pond and a cute ranch on 7 acres. Awesome couple fruit trees and even a couple rows of grape vines. Throughout the engagement session we talked about the progress on their future home, how adorable they are together, and even about how the raccoons take clams from the pond and eat them. There were shells all along the shore line. I am so excited to share the day with them at the beautiful Malabar Farms in June this year! This couple I just know will thrive together and have a great marriage. I am so glad these two found me! Here a few beautiful images from our time together. I can’t wait to deliver the rest of their images!!


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