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Hey there, I'm Heather!

As a Northeast and Columbus Ohio engagement photographer, I’ve been to endless stunning locations for photo sessions and met countless incredible couples. So sometimes the locations are the standout of a session, and sometimes couples easily steal the spotlight. But every now and then, a location and a couple fit together so flawlessly that it feels like magic! And after just a quick glance at Morgan and Glenn’s joyful and romantic engagement photos, you’ll certainly agree that their Lakeville lot where their future home will sit was one of those breathtaking treats!

Joyful, Romantic, and Endearing

When Morgan reached out about using their land for their engagement session location I just had to say yes! So it was the easiest yes ever! When they mentioned they were looking for and hoping for fall foliage, I knew the hillside and drive way was just the spot! So between Glenn’s love for Morgan and Morgan’s glow of happiness; they were perfectly showcased by the most gorgeous fall colors and whispy fall goldenrod field. It was, without a doubt, meant to be!

But what is most incredible about this pair is without a doubt the love they have for each other.

Each time I asked them to just love on each other, the romance was off the charts! These two are so in love, and I can’t wait until the day their love story becomes a Happily Ever After.

But let’s be honest: how could the images be anything less than jawdropping amazing with a pair like this one in front of my lens! Finding the perfect spot to take engagement photos isn’t always the easiest; but you better believe I’ll be returning to take their photos again once their future home is built. Congratulations, Morgan and Glenn on your engagement! I literally can’t wait for October 2022 to be here to capture all the love and in between moments on your wedding day!

Fun and Romantic Engagement-1.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-2.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-3.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-8.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-9.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-10.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-11.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-14.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-16.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-18.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-20.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-19.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-22.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-25.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-27.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-36.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-30.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-34.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-35.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-37.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-39.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-40.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-42.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-45.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-46.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-47.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-49.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-52.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-51.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-53.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-55.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-57.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-59.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-63.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-61.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-65.jpg
Fun and Romantic Engagement-66.jpg

Are you planning a wedding of your own and searching for the perfect engagement photographer? I’d love to get to know you; and chat about how we can fill a gallery of your dreams just like Morgan and Glenn’s!

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“The photos that stand out to me most are the ones of my husband and I dancing the polka at our reception with my 93-year-old grandparents. I feel so fortunate to have had both of them in person at our wedding, let alone up dancing on the dance floor with us, even for a brief time. I still cry when I look at them. They will be so special to us in years to come.” 

“Heather knew getting photos with my grandparents
was very important to me, and she delivered!“


“However, what won me and my husband over was our first meeting with her. She was the most bubbly, pleasant, friendly, loving human being. We appreciated her warmth and her attention to detail. She was well-established, a wonderful planner, and she truly wanted us to have the greatest memories.”

“I loved her pictures. It was like love at first sight!”


“She has such a passion for her couples and capturing their true love story! It shows completely when she is snapping away. Her facial expressions and the gasps she makes when she takes a picture that she loves are just the best! We never had someone get as excited as her when taking pictures! And we love it!”

“Heather truly makes you feel like you are her
favorite couple ever to work with!”