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Barn at the Meadows Wedding

Barn at the Meadows Wedding

When I first met Jenny and Devin, this Northeast Ohio wedding photographer fell in love with them right away! Between Jenny and Devin’s amazing personality, they are just downright wonderful to spend time with! But what is most incredible about this pairs is the captivating love they have for their friends, family, and most especially for each other.

how they met

Jenny and Devin met and began talking online. Before long, their first date was on 5/5/2018. She was surprised to find out how easy it was to talk to Devin. They literally non stopped texted all day! They were inseparable, they looked forward to the days and nights they got to spend together.

the proposal

And after seven months of dating Devin decided to take Jenny on a weekend trip to New York City. It was a dream of Jenny’s to visit NYC at Christmas time. Jenny had no idea that this was going to be the perfect place for Devin to get down on one knee to propose! How adorable is that! I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to document their wedding day, if I knew them then I would of definitely would go for the ride to capture the proposal! I can’t wait to share all the highlights of their wedding day with you!

happiness, excitement, loving

From the time spent getting ready with her best friends to the moment she raced onto the dance floor to bust a move, Jenny was absolutely glowing. And when she walked down the aisle in her amazing gown, no one could take their eyes off of her. Especially Devin, so many emotions you could see in his face.

One of the truest joys, though, is preserving how beautifully a couple is loved by their family and closest friends on their wedding day. So, as Jenny and Devin celebrated the best day of their lives with the people they loved most, I couldn’t help but share in their joy as I clicked away with my camera! Congratulations, Jenny & Devin, on your new life together, and I can’t wait to hang out with you again soon!

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Barn at the Meadows Wedding-67.jpg
Barn at the Meadows Wedding-69.jpg
Barn at the Meadows Wedding-71.jpg
Barn at the Meadows Wedding-74.jpg


BRIDE’S DRESS: David’s Bridal

FLORIST: Cumming’s Florist

VENUE: The Barn at the Meadows

DJ: Nightfall Entertainment


CAKE: Brittany Best

HAIR & MAKEUP: Kimberly & Co

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“The photos that stand out to me most are the ones of my husband and I dancing the polka at our reception with my 93-year-old grandparents. I feel so fortunate to have had both of them in person at our wedding, let alone up dancing on the dance floor with us, even for a brief time. I still cry when I look at them. They will be so special to us in years to come.” 

“Heather knew getting photos with my grandparents
was very important to me, and she delivered!“


“However, what won me and my husband over was our first meeting with her. She was the most bubbly, pleasant, friendly, loving human being. We appreciated her warmth and her attention to detail. She was well-established, a wonderful planner, and she truly wanted us to have the greatest memories.”

“I loved her pictures. It was like love at first sight!”


“She has such a passion for her couples and capturing their true love story! It shows completely when she is snapping away. Her facial expressions and the gasps she makes when she takes a picture that she loves are just the best! We never had someone get as excited as her when taking pictures! And we love it!”

“Heather truly makes you feel like you are her
favorite couple ever to work with!”