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day of wedding checklist

Your mind is racing weeks maybe even months before your wedding day and you’re feeling overwhelmed of how to keep everything together and what you need to bring. I’m hoping I can help you with your day of wedding checklist cause I was a bride to and went through exactly what you are going through.

weeks leading up to the wedding

Preparing for one of the most biggest days of your life can feel very daunting. Things are racing in your head and you feel like you don’t know where to start. In 2018, I was sitting at my desk at work and things were going through my head and I’m like “Crap, we need to get things together so we don’t forget anything.” So I talked it over with Tyler and we came up with the idea of dedicating one room or corner of all things wedding. Literally, EVERYTHING. Of course, the dress needed to be tucked away, but everything from our mason drinking jars to permanent markers were put into this corner.

As we put things in this corner/room we wrote down what was there and how many. We used totes to carry majority of things. As the weeks leading up to the day we felt so stress free, cause every time we thought of something as we talked wedding details we were like “Oh, we got to put that in the corner!” We found room for it and wrote it down. Writing it down it will help you know what and how many is in that dedicated corner/room.

I feel pretty proud of this system. It gave me the freedom of starting where ever I wanted and just put things in the corner without the feeling of “I don’t know where start!” Then the Friday before our Saturday wedding we were able to load everything up knowing we had everything and didn’t leave ANYTHING behind.

what we included in our list

  • extension cords for string lights and other misc
  • plug in strips to plug multiple things in
  • permanent markers for write on mason jars and guest book
  • guest book
  • cake cutting kit
  • wood slabs for centerpieces
  • mini honey bears for guests
  • faux candles with votives for centerpieces
  • bridal emergency kit
  • duct tape
  • scotch tape
  • hair accessories
  • bobby pins
  • sash for my dress
  • necklace
  • earrings
  • box to hold all bridal details for photos
  • wedding bands SUPER IMPORTANT HAHA
  • phone charger
  • cake stand
  • mason jars with lights inside for centerpieces
  • card box
  • twisty ties
  • bouquets and boutonnieres- I DYI’ed our florals
  • boots
  • flowy veil
  • extra socks cause this girl likes to dance in socks
  • special hanger
  • sand ceremony
  • arch with tule
  • garter
  • throw bouquet
  • napkins
  • plates
  • silverware
  • groom attire
  • special gifts for family
  • marriage license paperwork
  • clear umbrellas in case of rain (but if you have me as your photographer I have 20 clear umbrellas so no worries there)
  • ladder (dad brought to hang lights)
  • bathroom buddy (an under skirt tule to put your dress in so you can go to the bathroom better) BEST FRIEND GIRLS!!!

vendors brought

  • Mr & Mrs Sign for backdrop behind bridal party table
  • Linens
  • Whiskey barrels
  • Doors what I walked through down the aisle
  • tables
  • chairs
  • faux candles
  • wagon wheels
  • easel for the guest book
  • cake topper

having a stress free wedding day

I hope this list that we had for our wedding sparks some things for you to bring and include in your corner/room for your wedding day! Don’t forget to write things down and the quantity cause it keeps you from asking yourself if you put it in that area or not. You can just look at that list and be like “Yep, we got it!” I can’t wait to see you guys put this to use to give you the best stress-free wedding day as possible!

Wanna see more tips and tricks for weddings?

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“The photos that stand out to me most are the ones of my husband and I dancing the polka at our reception with my 93-year-old grandparents. I feel so fortunate to have had both of them in person at our wedding, let alone up dancing on the dance floor with us, even for a brief time. I still cry when I look at them. They will be so special to us in years to come.” 

“Heather knew getting photos with my grandparents
was very important to me, and she delivered!“


“However, what won me and my husband over was our first meeting with her. She was the most bubbly, pleasant, friendly, loving human being. We appreciated her warmth and her attention to detail. She was well-established, a wonderful planner, and she truly wanted us to have the greatest memories.”

“I loved her pictures. It was like love at first sight!”


“She has such a passion for her couples and capturing their true love story! It shows completely when she is snapping away. Her facial expressions and the gasps she makes when she takes a picture that she loves are just the best! We never had someone get as excited as her when taking pictures! And we love it!”

“Heather truly makes you feel like you are her
favorite couple ever to work with!”