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Inniswood Park Engagement | Michelle+Jon


Inniswood Park Engagement Session

As a Northeast and Central Ohio wedding photographer, I’ve been to some gorgeous locations for photo sessions and met countless incredible couples. Every now and then, a location and a couple fit together so perfectly that it feels like magic! And just a quick glance at Michelle and Jon’s photos, you’ll certainly agree that their Inniswood Metro Park engagement session was one of those amazing treats!

their love story

Michelle and Jon first met in the Spring of 2013 at a service fraternity at The University of Toledo that they were members of. Michelle saw him from a distance and at the meet and greet and was too afraid to approach him. That evening Michelle and her best friend, Molly, found Jon on FACEBOOK! They may have done a little stalking. She talked herself into thinking that he was taken cause his profile photo was a picture of him and a girl, but found out that it was his sister, Linnea!

One day towards the end of the semester Molly finally forced Michelle to message him on Facebook. After going back and forth they finally met up on a date to Olive Garden. She was so nervous she couldn’t eat. They made it official on August 14, 2013, to be officially dating! It’s been an amazing 7 years and love every minute of their company together. Even if their first jobs out of college put them in separate cities, but it just made them even stronger.

the proposal

It was a beautiful labor day weekend last year, Jon put together a plan to propose to Michelle. As they were walking around Inniswood, that’s right we captured their engagement photos at the very location Jon proposed. Michelle kept saying she wanted to change into gym shorts cause it was so hot! Jon kept her from changing and made their way to the gorgeous light blue gazebo where he proposed. She said YES! And shortly after that it downpours! They ended the night by a surprise dinner put together by both of their parents at one of Michelle and Jon’s favorite Italian restaurants.


I’m so glad our paths crossed on facebook on the northeast ohio wedding resale page! I’m so excited for these two and I can’t wait to be apart of their wedding vendor team to make their day just perfect for them. These two will be saying their vows at the gorgeous Mooreland Mansion in Kirtland, Ohio! Congratulations Michelle and Jon I’m so excited for all things going forward!

Inniswood Engagement Session-2.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-3.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-4.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-5.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-6.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-7.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-10.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-12.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-16.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-17.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-18.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-20.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-23.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-25.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-27.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-28.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-30.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-33.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-34.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-39.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-41.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-42.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-45.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-48.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-49.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-51.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-53.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-55.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-56.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-57.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-61.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-63.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-69.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-66.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-65.jpg
Inniswood Engagement Session-67.jpg

Are you planning a wedding of your own and searching for the perfect engagement photographer? I’d love to get to know you and chat about how we can fill a gallery with the engagement photos of your dreams!

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