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My Why by Heather


March 25, 2020

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2020-03-24_0001.jpgI was asked this the other day and wanted to elaborate on it. Why did you choose photography? What made you get into photography? Why do you love taking wedding photos? These are all great questions and even better to ask a photographer that has the potential of taking your wedding photos! It can shed a little light on who they are as a person and what their passion is. Here are my answers to those questions:
2020-03-24_0002.jpgWhy did you choose photography? I wanna be honest here, I didn’t really choose photography, it chose me. I always had a passion for photography and enjoyed taking photographs. I had someone tell me that ‘Hey, you should do this as a business.’ So guess what I explored that and poured my heart and soul into starting it and here I am! Why not turn your hobby into something you love doing every single day and have it provide for your family, be your own boss, and be able to stay home with your babes. Being able to capture my clients in a lifestyle setting is my dream. And then helping my clients take the digital images and make them into beautiful work they can either hang in their homes or into a legacy album. 2020-03-24_0003.jpgImage below: Look how things change! 
2020-03-24_0004.jpgWhat made you get into photography? My dad has always been into cameras. He had a Canon A1 film camera that he got in Singapore. I was always fascinated by how to take negatives from film and create images. How the processed worked and all that. And it was even better when I found out in Art class in school we get to learn how that process worked in person. It was sooo cool. And one birthday, can’t recall which year, I received my very own Canon film camera. I still have it!! I took pictures of literally everything. Then, I thought to myself, I wonder if 4-H has something that I could do a project on. I did my project on Photography along with showing rabbits! Yay!! I just kept taking photos! 
2020-03-24_0006.jpgIt’s soooo cute!!!

Why do you love taking wedding photos? When I started sessions as donation based with different types of sessions from newborn to weddings. Weddings hit home run for me. I love every aspect of weddings. Taking details to their first kiss to the daddy daughter dance. Ya’ll you should see me after a wedding day when I’m going through photos! I’m smiling viewing every single photo! I love capturing a mom see their daughter for the first time all dressed up and then capturing the first kiss as husband and wife. I cherish weddings and feel happiness and love when couples take that special leap in their relationship. 

My Why

My why to being a wedding and portrait photographer is to serve my clients well by delivering beautiful authentic images that will last beyond a lifetime. I’m so blessed to be able to do that for my clients! I also serve by helping with the process and more. Because most of my clients either have never planned a wedding before or have never been in front of a camera OR even both! Haha. I am here to make it stress free and to let my clients have an awesome time! 

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