Whether you're wanting to start your photography business or a small business and need some guidance on where to start or how to make a hobby into a business. You need tools to make it happen, right? Well, I hope I can shed light into your journey with the tools that have helped me. I have created a place with tools that have helped me through my 5+ years of wedding photography business. 

Tool Box


For the business

Pixifi CRM

Adobe Spark

Adobe InDesign

Zoom for consultations + meetings

EM Shop for Website Templates

BlogStomp for Blogs

Wordpress for Blog Host

AlbumStomp for creating Albums

Showit for website

LawTog for contracts *get an attorney too ;)

For Photo Editing

Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe Photoshop

Photo Mechanic


Pic-Time Gallery

In My camera bags

Nikon Z7ii

Backup: Nikon Z7ii

Godox 360iii Flash

Kelly Moore Bag

Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB Card

XQD Sony 120GB Card

35mm Z Lens

50mm Z Lens

85mm Z Lens

135mm F Mount Lens

105mm Macro F Mount Lens

FTZ Mount Adapter

Favorite Tools

This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

Aka Adobe Spark. That's what it used to be called. It's similar to Canva. I love creating Instagram stories and posts using this app - Adobe Creative Cloud Express!

Adobe Creative Cloud express

check it out

Hate your website? You won't when you use Showit. Showit is the best in the game! It's so easy to use!


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This is *LITERALLY* what I use to run my business. 


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Having all my electronic devices the same brand with the amazing ICloud space to keep all things in one area, but accessing it from anywhere has my organizing heart so happy.


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Social media scheduling app that allows me to plan ahead of time and spend more time on my business and family.

Later app

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I LOVE my Ipad air using the Goodnotes app along with Jess Massey's amazing digital planner and daily notepad for planning my workday.

Digital Planning

check it out

Profit First // by Mike Michalowicz 

Building a Story Brand // by Donald Miller

Tribes // by Seth Godin 

Do Less // by Kate Northrup

Quitter // by Jon Acuff

Books to Transform Your Business

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